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Tax Plan: Pre-ATRA 2013 Law vs. 2012 Law with AMT Patch
Tax Year:  2013

Demographic and Basic Information

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Taxpayer's age:
Spouse's age:
How many dependents does the tax payer have (not including self or spouse):
How many of these dependents are children under 17?:

Income Information

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Wage and salary income of the principal taxpayer:
Wage and salary income of the spouse (leave blank if not married):
Dividend Income:
Long-term capital gains:
Social Security benefits:
Pension income:
Taxable interest:
Tax exempt interest:
Other income (short term capital gains, business income net of expenses, etc.):

Deductions and Expenses

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State and local tax payments:
Charitable contributions:
Mortgage interest:
Contributions to deductible IRAs and 401(k)s:
Medical expenses:

College Expenses

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Number of family members in college:
Total cost for tuition, fees, and textbooks:

Childcare Expenses

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Number of children under age 13:
Total childcare expenses:
Tax Year: 2012 2013
AMT Patch Option Patched Not Patched

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